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Luca Canteri
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Handcrafted one by one in Villaverde, The Canary Islands


My name is Luca Canteri. Was born in Italy in 1974. Completed my Construction Design Studies, after several jobs experience, decided to move to the Canary Islands Spain in 2000.
Here, in Fuerteventura I found my home within the ocean and the volcano mountains.
In 2007 I started moving my interest from a guitar player point of view to guitar making with the purpose to make the perfect finger picker instrument.
Studied one year on several luthiers books before starting my first acoustic guitar.
In the meantime I begun selling my guitars to customers around the world, so I decided to make guitar making my job.
After 12 years I’m still making guitars under the same philosophy. My instruments are made one by one through a very long handmade process of about 250 hours. Where I challenge myself every time aiming to make the perfect acoustic or nylon guitar.

Every guitar is a work of art.

No one is the same. I proud myself with this idea. I want every instrument to be unique as the guitarist who will play it.

Ordering: please contact me using the contact page to know about current base price, options and waiting list. Thanks.


Find here my guitar designs


the Grand Concert

Powerful, clean and precise sounding instrument.
Stardard or Multiscale.

scale: 25.25"
lower bout: 39 cm
upper bout: 30 cm
waist: 24 cm
max depth: 11 cm


the Mod.Slope Shoulder

Country, Blues, Songwriter dream, Strong sound machine.
Fingerpicking too...

scale: 25.6"
lower bout: 41 cm
upper bout: 30 cm
waist: 27 cm
max depth: 12 cm


the MJ

Want more?
Big fat powerful bass yet clear and defined sparkling highs. Standard or multiscale.

scale: 25.5"
lower bout: 41.5 cm
upper bout: 31 cm
waist: 25 cm
max depth: 12 cm


the Double O

A modern 00
12 frets out
Sweet but not weak!

scale: 24.75"
lower bout: 35.5 cm
upper bout: 25.4 cm
waist: 20cm
max depth: 11 cm

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